Monday, March 28, 2016

Benson Village School's Research Database

This year students have Scholastic's Go database for research needs.  The web address is

This database can be accessed at home with the at-home login and password which both students and teachers have.

Once you are logged in you will see different tabs which present information at various reading levels.  The tabs are Elementary School, Middle School, High School and Adults.

There is a citation for each article at the bottom of the page.  If students choose to find their information through a search engine such as Google, Internet Explorer, Edge, or Firefox, there is Easy Bib, Citation Machine, and NoodleTools to create citations. Each citation application is free.

There are quite clear reasons for a paid database with the most important one being reliable information, Other important reasons include the citations already created, lesson plans included  as well as videos, maps and other graphics.

For those students choosing other avenues for research information, the quality of the information will need to be evaluated.  Kathy Schrock, a former school district Director of Technology, instructional technology specialist, a middle school, academic, museum, and a public library librarian offers question forms that lead the way to choosing reliable information.  They can be found at her website: