Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Analyzing a Website for Research

CARS Checklist (from Evaluating Internet Research Sources by
Robert Harris       (CARS = Credibility, Accuracy, Reasonableness, Support)
·  Is an author listed? What are the author's credentials? Can the author be reached for questions or comments?
·  Is there evidence of positive peer evaluation?
·  Has the author taken care to check for misspelling, poor grammar, etc.?
·  Is the date of the site current?
·  Is the information complete and not too vague?
·  Does the author acknowledge all views?
·  Is the author fair and objective?
·  Is the author concerned with the truth?
·  Does the author provide support for the information?
·  Are the sources listed?
·  Are there other resources with similar information?
The following may also be considered when evaluating websites.
Design &
·  Are the pictures relevant and clear?
·  Are the pages easy to maneuver?
·  Have the colors been chosen well?
·  Do the links work?
·  Does the page load relatively quickly?

Which website is fake and which is real?  
Use the CARS checklist to evaluate the websites.
Write your answers on a Microsoft Word document and print out at library printer.
Hand in your answer sheet to me when you are finished.
Be prepared to defend your choice.